I’am a dutch Textile Designer, who graduated at the Royal Academy of Art, the Hague, the Netherlands, and is living and working in France. As a bespoke Textile designer I create patterns for upholstery fabrics, my own hand screen printed wall paper collection, hand crochet carpets  and room dividers.

I use different kind of techniques such as hand screen printing,  dye, embroidery , crochet and knitting. Making all my products by hand is very important to me, it allows me to control all the steps to develop my product, and be in direct contact with the materials.

I consider my products to become more rich and interesting  when using different techniques in one piece. To create my products I use exclusively natural fibers, such as, wool, cotton, silk and paper. I also aim to buy only locally produced supplies.

I’m inspired by the nature surrounding me, constantly changing and always surprising. When I design I try to capture this and transform it into a interior product. So that people can enjoy the beautiful stories that nature is telling us, while being in their own spaces.

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